Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Live Successfully

I am looking forward to a one-off preaching engagement back at Calvary Memorial Church, Oak Park, on November 23rd. Because we near Advent, I am taking a powerful parable in Matthew 25:14-30. Often called the "parable of the talents", its verve still engages by themes of wealth, ability, judgment and success. These thread through twenty-first century life just as surely as in the first-century.

I've already titled the sermon: "How to Live Successfully". I guess any reader will quickly get the connection. But what did Jesus mean by living successfully? I'll keep in touch over the next few days of preparing! As always, any comments are welcome.

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Michael Pugh said...

Great news! Welcome back to Calvary, Dr. Quicke. We look forward to hearing your message, and the subject seems timely as I'm considering a potentially new way to focus my wealth, ability, judgment and, hopefully, success. Bring it!