Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Facing 2009

Perhaps, like you, I am full of the things that I am definitely going to do in 2009. Yes, keep a rigorous devotional life, stay on top of my emails and correspondence (and blog), finish writing a book! Yes, exercise more, diet more, and be a better husband, father and pastor in specific ways (that I won't publish!)

I have just read a secular magazine's challenge (Experience Jan/Feb 2009) about what it calls "The dreaded Resolutions Season." It argues that what matters is the way we approach the New Year:
We love the idea of willpower, don't we? It's forceful, bold, intrepid. It reeks of individual determination, and it suggests just enough stalwart endurance to sastify our stoic sensibilities'.... Go forth! Make it so!
But the real key to creating positive change is not so much will as it is willingness.... the will tends to think it has all the answers and it doesn't relish asking for directions.
Willingness, on the other hand, is full of open-minded inquiries, like: How might
I go about getting started on this project? What would be most helpful

It's true that will-power often runs into a brick wall half way through January. Self ability leaks. But availability endures. For the Christian, genuine willingness, allied with dedicated will, keeps depending on God's strength and enables sustained effort...."for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose" (Phil 2:13). May my hopes for 2009 be right in God's will, and may I stay willing. Will you join me?

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dss said...

I'll comment later, but Happy New Year Michael to you and Carol!