Friday, March 6, 2009

Personally connecting with a book

To my great surprise I have just received three copies of a book through the mail. As they tumbled out of their box I was utterly confounded. Their front and back covers with every page in between were uttely unintelligible to me.

Reading the cover letter, I discovered they are the Korean translation of my book -360degree leadership. I had no idea this was being prepared. It's amusing to see this unfamiliar script filling pages and explaining diagrams, and to realize that I first viewed it without any sense of personal connection. I am truly grateful to Seung-Jin Lee for slaving over translating. And, of course, I really hope that these books will minister in Korea.

But, the analogy struck me, how many people can view Scripture even in their own language without any sense of personal connection. For too many it's as though it is in a foreign language. How vital it is, for those of us who seek to live by God's Word, to allow others to see how personally connected we are by our words and actions (see An Uncomfortable Sermon February 23rd)!

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