Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whatever Moment (10)

Everything is about to whir into action as seminary recommences shortly with faculty retreat, much doctoral grading and Masters teaching to prepare for. However, I must rejoice in one last positive moment from Summer 2009 (though, there were many more than ten!)

Last weekend we drove to New Jersey to see our two US grandchildren - Elliot (aged 3) and Sophie (10 months), with their parents Rob and Lori (of course!) It was another overwhelming time of family togetherness. Elliot has just begun at pre-school and on arrival we went to meet him. When we entered his classroom, he looked stunned and then ran full pelt with arms outstretched to where we were standing. As I reached down his momentum rocked me back up on my heels, as he wrapped himself around me. Oh, those spontaneous, unreserved, every-fiber-of-being hugs!

How such sharing of affection cements family togetherness! It echoed an earlier Summer experience with my London grandsons. Naturally there were other momemts in New Jersey. Elliot fell onto sharp wire and cut his finger badly. I burned my arm on the kitchen stove. We got lost on the journey (twice). But mutual love holds through everything. Quite wonderful.

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