Thursday, August 19, 2010

Curious Security

Jet lag brings odd experiences. Our hire car - a Ford Focus - seems straightforward. With all our luggage piled inside we set off for our first stop in Oxfordshire. The key fob seemed standard - double press for double lock. Just to check I went back to the car and found the doors were actually unlocked. I tried again, with the same result. Consulting the handbook I only saw some complicated instructions about resetting the alarm sysstem. Leaving our luggage vulnerable we found a 'phone and called the rental company. 'Sounds like a fault with the cental locking,' said the woman. 'Call out the emergency service.'

Just before that drastic action I thought we should visit a Ford dealer. Two men came out of the garage to help. At first, exactly the same thing happened - the doors proved to be unlockable. 'Aha!', said one man, 'You have a sensor! Everytime you approach with the key it unlocks the car again. It does lock, but when you return it unlocks!' Oh, such sophisticated technology! I was secure all the time.

There are Christian lessons here. Psalm 16:1 'Keep me safe, O Lord, in you I take refuge' utterly depends on God's promise in Christ. It's complex but complete in all situations.

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