Friday, September 17, 2010

Dreaming Spires

This week I have been back in Oxford, at my old seminary Regent's Park College, leading a five-day ministry seminar on my book 360degree leadership. Interestingly, it's the first time that I have taught on this side of the Atlantic for 10 years!

It's been lively, with every member of the group fully committed and representing diverse situations of ministry. Beginning (mostly) as strangers on Monday we have grown into a tight-knit group full of trust, honesty, and love. It has helped that each day has begun with half-hour worship, led by different members. Nothing unites people more than worship. And, today (Friday) we heard four sermons - the outcome of four groups' sermon collaboration through the week. Wonderful!

Several members shared how the week had impacted them and their ministries. I have learned much too. When believers spend concentrated time together, special God-happenings can occur. We are so grateful for another positive growth time in the city of dreaming spires. If you belong to a small group over a period of time (concentrated or not) you probably know this experience too. Yes?


Anonymous said...

Yes!Joyfully yes!

paul said...

Oxford Ministry Seminar – A Leadership Masterclass with Michael Quicke
13th – 17th September 2010

As a privileged student recipient, Michael’s impassioned leadership and teaching this past week has been a joy to behold, leaving indelible challenges to all who would preach the living gospel of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord.

Our journey has been both enlightening and experiential, with personal reflections and interaction among the group as we have grounded teaching in our varied situations. We have been shown ways to evaluate our journey and rise to the vital challenge of missional leadership, when pressures all around conspire to consume our time in maintenance. We have been encouraged to aspire to spiritual and relational vitality with preaching to transform and lead, so clearly Michael’s gift and passion.

Thank you Michael (and Carol) for your friendship and times shared during this joyful, inspiring and challenging week together.