Monday, December 20, 2010

Yet More Frustration!

My visit to Spurgeon's College was due to conclude today on a high note (for me!), with my speaking at the conference for four London Theological Colleges. I anticipated two sessons with the Principals and faculties of All Nations, London School of Theology, Oak Hill as well as Spurgeons which would focus on issues related to Preaching as Worship. Last Thursday I prepared the sessions and was particularly looking forward to feedback from the UK perspective.

But...have you guessed (?) ...the heavy snows of Saturday plus forecasts of more snow on Monday led to the cancellation of the conference. It was a wise decision because travel conditions are atrocious. So, having waited five days for this event, we set off this morning to return to our cottage in Wallingford. However, we found the extremes of cold (-17degrees C last night) have frozen the water pipes solid. As we try and warm the house up we wonder if/when/where the burst pipes will appear. So I write this hugging a heater, and listening for drips. However, for many thousands of people this Winter weather has had far more devastating consequences. We are grateful to be safe and (relatively) warm, and hope that you are - wherever you are.

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