Sunday, January 2, 2011


In just over three days we shall be back in the USA and nine glorious weeks of sabbatical will have come to an end. We are busy cleaning the home and packing our cases, trying to tie up loose ends while anticipating re-entry into our N. American life. I doubt that I shall be able to post much coherently until we are home…we need to move out tomorrow and stay in hotels prior to our flight.

But I must reflect soon because a sabbatical report is due the Academic Committee of Trustees Board! And I know our US friends will be expecting a user-friendly (brief) overview of all that we have been through.

Unsurprisingly, in spite of not always having internet access, I have been able to post more blogs during my sabbatical than normal. I have had much more time to ponder and write. In the 5 months before my sabbatical started I managed just 34 posts, but since I have been able to post 68 entries (of admittedly very varying quality)! Thank you for following my journey into another year. I look forward to catching up soon.

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