Monday, February 6, 2012

Update by demand!

Hi everyone
It has been so marvellous to realise that friends are reading this in Australia, England, Canada & of course the USA! It makes us feel so grateful for all the wonderful people that are in our lives because of Michael's ministries and our travels around the world. We have always felt it a tremendous privilege to be part of people's lives, both in the good times & in times of need or sorrow. Now it has been our turn to receive all the love & care & I can honestly say it has been overwhelming in the most humbling and wonderful ways. All we can say is a huge THANK YOU as we value each & every one of you.
So many have asked how Michael is doing -I can report that he is making slow progress with each day seeing an improvement. He is moving better & is in less pain. Today was our first outing going to our dear friends the Rupprechts for lunch. It was great to feel normal again, even though it meant a prolonged rest later.
So we keep hopeful, praying that May 3rd confirms the cancer free diagnosis.We wish we could see you all, especially our church friends from Blackburn, Lancs and Cambridge, but all of you have been special showing such support and love of Christ to us

God Bless you all & your loved ones wherever they are
Love from us both, Carol


Curryanne said...

Day by day recovery is never as fast as you want. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Don't overdo it! Just rejoice in the marvellous news you had last week, which has thrilled all your friends . . . and allow time for God to heal you completely. With our love, Martin and Myra

Russ said...

So glad to know how well the recovery is going! We continue to keep you in our prayers. Know we are thinking of you often!!
Russ & Chandelle Claassen