Sunday, March 4, 2012

2011 Preaching Book of the Year

Wow! I learned just a few minutes ago from the comment on my last posting that my book: Preaching as Worship has been chosen as the Preaching Book of the Year 2011. To say I am surprised is an understatement. Surprised by the honor and surprised at discovering it by way of a kindly comment on my blog. (I have, of course, thanked Michael Duduit, the Editor of Preaching, for his effort to let me know in this unusual way).

For me this is no lightweight honor. It not only means that others have read the book and deem it worthy of note (and every author is grateful to be noticed); I am one of those who always wants to see what Preaching selects out of the tens of volumes produced each year. But it also means that the whole subject of integrating preaching and worship will be put on the map (at least for a brief time as readers of the March/April issue have a chance to see why my book was chosen!)

In recent weeks I have heard some enthusiastic stories from readers who say the book has revolutionized their thinking about worship. One or two have generously blogged about its impact on their ministries. But I also know the book asks a great deal (one or two preachers have bluntly said 'too much') and I hope this honor will give preachers pause to wonder whether they should take a second look.

Thank you Preaching for choosing me and elevating the subject of Preaching as Worship! Now that I am making progress in health we hope to celebrate the book with an open evening at the seminary - perhaps on Friday April 20th. I shall keep you posted about the date because everyone in the area will be most welcome to attend. Thanks for reading. You can understand my excitement!


wsuriano said...

Congratulations! You always bring a fresh look to complex topics. To God be the glory!

DSS said...

I, too, add my congratulations for this accomplishment! Our prayer is that God will use it mightily for his kingdom.

Chandelle said...

Congratulations Michael!