Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I wanted to say

I have just come across a poem by a British poet, Gordon Bailey, titled: I wanted to say.

When you talk to me, you don't hear me!
When you talk at me, I don't hear you!
So we do not communicate.

I wanted to say
"Please help me."

I wanted to say
"I need you."

I wanted to say
"I'm sorry."

I wanted to say
"Forgive me."

You were suffering from never-open ears,
A condition resulting from
An ever-open mouth.

It was a considerable shock to realize at its conclusion that this poem is aimed at preachers.  The first lines relate to all human relationships, but he directs his specific challenge about 'never-open ears and ever-open mouth' at one particular target.   I didn't expect this - it really makes me wonder about the poet's back story.   But, I know its purpose is to humble all of us preachers. Because it is so easy to close our ears and open our mouths.  We need to be challenged.

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