Friday, November 13, 2015

Table Settings

Readers of my blog will know the erratic variability of its content and timing.  But I just had to mention a fun happening.  This week I went with Carol to the Christmas Evening for John Lewis customers in Cambridge.   A couple of thousand people lined up outside and as we filtered in, drinks and mince pies were on hand.

Various demonstrations were organized through the evening.  On the ground floor one focused on how to set your seasonal table attractively.  We found ourselves in the crowd gathered around an empty table waiting for the signal to be given so that two John Lewis employees could start their display.  They announced it was to be a gold and white display and they threw onto the table a cloth with a distinctive gold stripe.  Tucking it down in front of the chairs they seemed not to notice the tangle on the side nearest us.  With aplomb Carol stepped forward and straightened it out so that it fell attractively. One or two in the crowd applauded her public spirit.

When the white napkins with a gold stripe were placed alongside the plates one was apparently not arranged the right way round.  Again Carol stepped forward, as naturally as could be, to correct the mistake.   The organizers seemed to take it all in good part but, as anyone knows who has witnessed Carol's table displays, they were really pushing their luck by being so slipshod.   As an impartial husband I have to say that the finished result seemed rather drab compared with Carol's normal fare where napkins make statements, and table runners, platters, decorations, candles all add up to design with panache. As she said, she really could not help herself! 

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Sue Barker said...

That is so lovely! Well done Carol!