Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Loving the people

Often my classes begin with open discussion on the previous week's required reading. Yesterday one student exclaimed how struck they were by a comment on how preachers can love their preaching more than the people. Many others chimed in with agreement.

"We love the subject more than the people....The first act of love in preaching is an act of self-denial - to become more interested in people than in the subject. That means giving up the love of knowledge and replacing it with a love for people." (Preaching that Connects, Mark Galli and Brian Larson, Zondervan, 1994, page 16.

How does this strike you? There is just so much truth to share...but surely never at the expense of loving the hearers?

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Genevieve said...

I think that is a beautiful and important point! I haven't really thought of that consciously but I can tell if a preacher is in it for his/her glory or God's glory :).

It is easy to do... speaking with authority, confidence and passion is powerful but we must remember that we are always one among many and that we are to love each other.