Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Significant Sevens (2)

Someone has just sent me the 7 Spiritual Objectives of The Gideons International.

1. Men of the Book
2. Men of Prayer
3. Men of Faith
4. Men of Separated Walk
5. Men of Compassionate Heart
6. Men who Witness
7. Men who Give

He comments that since these are objectives for lay ministry, those for a pastor ought to be at least as high. But, he adds: 'By the way I know of no one who attains to all of these, pastor or lay person!' We can easily make these inclusive in language to relate to Christian leadership in general, but do they say all that matters to being an effective pastor?

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me that #4 is one that fewer Christians seem concerned about today. If anything they are more concerned with making sure they fit in. For example, I see on Facebook pages suggestions by Christians that they have overserved themselves and are joyful about this.

Please understand this is not a judgemental issue it is one that I relate back to #4, a separated walk. I wonder how this is accomplished when we suggest to the world that we know how to get just as blitzed as they do.

A young friend of mine, who is a believer and leads what I would consider a very separated life, went to an office after-work party and had a great deal of difficulty dealing with everyone getting drunk. I shared with this person that I often went to these parties when I was younger and not in a position of authority over my co-workers in order to be a friend and live how I thought a Christian should live, for me that meant not drinking and letting that position later provide an opening for why I could be joyful without getting drunk. I think this was separated but not alienated which is the distiction that is often missed today.

That's my offering of thought.