Saturday, October 25, 2008

Significant Sevens (3)

Of a rather different order, I came across '7 sure ways to drive yourself insane' from Dr. Art Kirby, (a Texas psychotherapist).

1. Deny your feelings, doubt your thoughts and never do anything that does not make everyone happy.
2. Try harder to accomplish what has not been accomplished by many efforts at trying harder.
3. Receive and dispense only the love and forgiveness that you or others earn.
4. Base your acceptance of reality on your ability to understand it.
5. Compare your unique being to other unique beings in order to assess how well you and they are doing.
6. Never admit to yourself or anyone else that you were, are, or could be wrong.
7. Believe with all your heart, mind, soul and strength that you salvation is totally up to you.

It's stimulating to consider what are the reverse of these - sure ways to be whole?

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dss said...

Seven possible ways leading to mental wholeness:

1) Accept your feelings and thoughts while realizing your perceptions are not always accurate, these are changeable and do what's right rather than what will make others happy. In the long run, this will make others happy as they will know you are honest and upright.
2)Accomplish the things that God has laid on your heart for you to do with his help and those things he has given you a passion to do.
3)Make a choice to love and forgive in spite of the fact that none of us deserve or earn it.
4)Accept reality knowing you may not understand most in this life; if you do understand, count your blessings.
5)Recognize your own and others uniqueness knowing each are worthy of appreciation.
6)Be willing to admit fault and strive to grow as a result.
7)Believe with all your heart, mind, soul and strength that Christ is your salvation and you will be blessed.