Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reflecting on Truisms

So far I have listed some details about preaching that may be held to be generally true. But several comments I have received (on-line and from elsewhere) have made it clear that this exercise has been rather shallow. The list reveals all too a human point-of-view! #1 is about how preachers think of themselves, and #2 says they find critique difficult; #3 & 4 stress how we tend to stick to preferences and comfort zones; #5 asserts how preaching always has needy hearers. I am sure we could go on adding other self-evident truths about the act of preaching in our experience but it is all too much about our experience.

This little list has forced me to address "truths" about preaching from God's point of view. Identifying some big picture facts about preaching from Scripture should set these truisms in perspective. It's easy to start with preaching as we practice it and create a list for discussion. But what about seeing what God intends preaching to be! What is the divine list?

I am not quite sure where this will take us but let's see what happens. As always, your insights are welcome.

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