Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cancer Interrupts (2)

Since sharing my news, I have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the wishes, prayers and stories of so many friends from around the world. What an incredible comfort and support you have been. THANK YOU from us both.

I do not want to turn this blog into a plodding medical bulletin. I have always marveled at those who are able to reflect with spiritual depth and perception even as they go through dark places. Frankly, for me, it has been an utter jumble of emotions so far, with patches of 'normal life' punctured by sharp needles of the unknown. (I guess that is a biopsy metaphor!) Yet, Carol and I can testify to experiencing some peace so profound that we know it can only be God's gift - we know we are being prayed for.

I have just received the date for my operation: Friday, January 27th. at Loyola University Hospital. Apparently, it is a four hour operation that robotically removes the cancerous prostate plus lymph nodes and some surrounding nerves. Of course our prayer is that the surgeon can completely remove the cancer and that it has not spread. Only God knows what lies beyond...but we are trusting Him.

Thanks for your prayers - some of you know exactly what we are going through. We treasure your friendship and support.

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Best Prepaid Legal said...

Just a word of encouragement for you today. On my initial post what you don't know is that in 2003 my husband was diagnosed with a very very rare form of cancer that had no trials, but God!, had metastasized, but God! inoperable, but God! We mixed our faith in God and medical technology and he is here today! Hallelujah! Yes, it was a good fight of faith. Some situations that are radical requires radical things, radical faith. And, you know what we went for it! So do what the Word of God says and God by His Holy Spirit will do the rest. Bless you as you go in Jesus name!

And, remember to confess God's healing Word over yourself everyday, get people who know how to pray in FAITH with you - no naysayers - and believe that God will do what He promised! And, that is to heal!

Min. Sheena Coleman, Class of 2003. (Yes, this happened as I graduated from Northern Seminary)