Saturday, December 10, 2011


Recently I have found myself using a word that doesn't appear in the dictionary. I am not sure whether I am inventing it or (more likely) it's already in use and I have picked it up. I am finding it (too) useful. It is the word: SERMONY. Describing a sermon as 'sermony' means that it looks like a sermon, sounds like a sermon, and smells like a sermon. Indeed, everybody considers it to be a sermon and grades it as to whether they liked it or not according to their own criteria.

I believe that when average preachers have preached ten times they know how to pull stuff together to fill up twenty minutes (or so) to make something sermony. It is the package that church goers have come to expect. Perhaps, the package that seminaries train pastors with. Depending on their own traditions, some churches have cerebral sermony sermons, others have emotive sermony sermons and so on. But, whatever style and content, they fulfil expectations adequately because hearers have become used to sermony sermons and these are definitely sermony.

Maybe, you are gaining the impression that 'sermony' is not a positive word! I know I need to unpack this word some more in order to gain feedback. I'll post again, soon.

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