Monday, March 21, 2016

That picture!

Several people have asked me about this picture which appeared without real explanation in the last post.  It shows our new banner which will appear in publicity for a New Kind of Preacher.  Instead of showing a traditional one-person isolated and up-front who is solely responsible for producing a sermon (often judged as good, bad or average!) it represents a preacher who is thoroughly involved in the community.  Obviously they are all worshiping but it is not necessarily the blue figure in front that represents the preacher!  Actually, the preacher belongs with the people and is a witness from among them.  They are not separated but joined-in.  Hence the rather untidy and chaotic swirling of colors and interaction.

The New Kind of Preacher program intends pushing preachers into deepening relationships with God and their community.  It revolves around five interactive roles that preachers need to express:  Lead-worshiper, proclaimer, collaborator, community-builder and missionary.

What are your reactions as you look at this picture?  Does it convey anything of this vision that I have?  Or does it speak in other ways to you?

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