Monday, May 17, 2010

Back from OZ (6)

The cramped return flight is over and I now meander through jet-lag haze as I reconnect with home-life. Yesterday, we discovered the fifteen-foot-long roof ridging had detached itself, and roofers had to rescue us from imminent storm damage. Today, workmen have continued work in our damaged basement. At one point, as I was reacquainting myself with a doctoral thesis for an oral tomorrow, electricians requested that I empty a six foot high book case so that they could reach a hidden outlet behind So chaos continues, but it is a great relief to be home.

I reflect on my Australian visit with real thanks. Yes, I worked hard for five days, but bookending my preaching and teaching I spent the first Saturday revisiting the heart of Sydney. Taking the train, I walked across the famous bridge, climbed the pylon, ambled round to the Opera House and then through the Botanical Gardens to the Art Gallery. On my last day (Friday) friends took me to Manley Beach for an hour's walk amidst the surfers as crowds enjoyed the last day(s) of Summer. Both my last two nights I had wonderful meals with "old" friends. How much I appreciate such friends who I had not seen for 10 years...yet instantly we picked up where we last left-off. Ending Friday night with prayer around the table reminded me of the Reason why friendship bonds go so deep in Christ's love.

Many of the pastors I addressed seemed neutral about my praise of blogging! But I now need to work hard anticipating work ahead, and you should see some postings as I complete my work at Oak Lawn and begin preaching at First Baptist Wheaton. Of course, these are the last few precious days for refining my manuscript too! Thanks for reading along.


Brett said...

Hi Michael, thanks for visiting us in Australia and sharing with us too. Sounds like a chaotic re-entry and I hope it all gets smoothed out soon. In light of your suggestion for preachers to be blogging to introduce a collaborative approach I am going to implement it for my next sermon in two weeks. I will be resurrected my blog that currently lies dormant. So thanks for the tip on this, as well as many other pearls of wisdom that you shared.

joven said...

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