Thursday, May 13, 2010

In OZ (2) Preaching the Bible Today

All day Monday and Tuesday I have been speaking at the Preaching the Bible Today Conference. Two of us shared responsinbility. Dr. Allan Demond spoke on Preaching Job. I focused on Preaching the Questions of Jesus.

About 115 preachers have taken part, and when I say taken part I really mean it. After my first session setting out principles of preaching narrative, they really got stuck into dealing with a series of texts. Decibel levels we high as preachers talked over open Bibles. That's a wonderful sound! I scarcely had a moment to myself...interaction was non-stop. What emerged? Well, I'm not sure on the bigger scale. But for me:
- a continuing conviction that these questions of Jesus matter
- excitement about preaching them myself through June/July at First Baptist Wheaton
- a buzz about collaboration in sermon and worship preparation - especially by blogging.

So watch this space in a few days time as I start preparing for Wheaton, and I encourage friends near and far to journey with me.

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