Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grateful to be preaching

Through June and July I shall be back preaching at First Baptist Church, Wheaton, while its pastor is away on sabbatical. I am so thankful to be able to preach a short series among people I really love and appreciate. There is nothing more wonderful for an itinerant preacher than to grow roots for a few weeks with such a community!

What's going to happen? Who can tell! But I am praying some major things will happen. In order of importance:

- THE LORD will use this time for spiritual refreshment and find us a people open to His will.
- THE SERMON SERIES - Truth Spaces - about some questions that Jesus asked, will lead us all to fresh experiences of being with Jesus Christ.
- BLOGGING - using this blog I hope I shall encourage growing participation before, during and after worship, not only enriching me as preacher but taking us all to deeper places. (I have written a short explanation about my worship blogging for the church congregation which should be in their hands on May 30th).
- A BOOK - I am hoping these sermons will result in a book that will grow out of our stories and learning to help others on their journey of discipleship. The same day I start preaching at Wheaton to cover for the pastor's sabbatically actually begins my sabbatical (from Northern Seminary)! And one of my sabbatical projects is writing a bible study guide for groups and individuals on questions that Jesus asked.

Shortly, I will share what I hope may happen week-byweek through my postings...but in the meantime please pray that in the run-up to June 6th. all of us who are preparing will keep being directed by the Lord.

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Jim Whitmer said...

Michael - this is excellent - thank you for your wisdom and insight - and for coming to our pulpit. Exciting days ahead.