Saturday, June 19, 2010

Preaching at Wheaton (10)

As I have spent much time this week, concluding with study and prayer today (Saturday), I have grown to see how much tomorrow's sermon on prayer actually relates back to practical questions following last week's question. When Jesus asked the paralyzed man if he wanted to be whole (John 5:6) we know the outcome was his healing. But there is a critical gap, isn't there, between that man hearing good news and actually standing up on his own two feet? It's the practical bit of processding spiritual possibility into reality. I call it the "Yes But How?" bit. Too often we skate over this. We preachers announce good news and move quickly to an assumed good response.

But for anyone who has said, since last week, "Lord I want to be well" how does the practical process of healing and renewal work? How do we put our wills into Jesus' power? How do we get through this interval bit, between hearing good news and living it!

I see tomorrow's sermon on prayer as a vital response to this "Yes But How?" part. When we enter the prayer relationship that Jesus talks about with his heavenly Father (in Luke 11:1-13) then we belong to an intensely practical process. Please pray that tomorrow's worship will help us all grow in practical prayer relationship.

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