Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sermonic social networking

I have just been emailed by an Australian who is researching around issues in my Preaching as Worship book.  He wanted to know whether my experience of blogging about sermons, involving hearers before and after the preaching event, could be extended to Facebook.   My answer is: 'Of course!  Any way in which people are willing to share in sermon preparation and collaboration work is to be welcomed.'

I am sure that some preachers already use Facebook and Twitter so that others can engage with them.  I would love to hear any stories from any preachers who have opened up the preparation and feedback processes in this, or other ways.

Our use of social media shows where our priorities lie.  Those who spend hours on their 'likes' demonstrate just where they really want to invest time and interest.  For some, listening to sermons may already be part of their internet experience. ( I know someone who listens to sermons while in the gym!) But how much more 'living in the kingdom' it would be if we could participate in next Sunday's worship preparation knowing that our prayers, Bible study, stories and insights make a contribution.  I know this is huge extra work for worship leaders but I remain convinced that nothing is more important than offering our best as we gather together for worship, in order then to scatter with continuing worship that startles the world.

Any stories from you are really welcome.