Closing the gap between preaching and worship.  

The relaunch of this website coincides with my Ockenga Lectures at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary ( March 10-12).  The title for these six lectures (seen above) focuses on a subject much on my mind. As I wrote in my blog: .....this gnawing concern of mine - that preaching and worship seem to operate in separate boxes in many contemporary churches. This separation is aided and abetted by definitions of worship that limit it to music or worship services.  Actually, a full understanding of worship as "embracing all that we are and have for all of God" changes everything!  Instead of separate boxes language, I see preaching as one (yes, vital and important but only one) dimension of worship itself.

My journey with preaching as worship has taken several years so far, but I am hoping that exposure to this august crowd will sharpen up my thinking.   Perhaps you agree preaching and worship shouldn't be in separate boxes yourself?  Please, let me know.

I have asked participants at these Ockhenga lectures to be in touch with me about those issues that have particularly struck them as important (whether in agreement or disagreement)! Such feedback and reflection may refine and reshape my studies, and help others who are concerned about the state of preaching and worship today.

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