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Other Media

TV Interview at International Congress of Preaching, April 2007:

Some Sermons

Various sermons can be accessed on-line in different formats.
Here are some available at

Feb 17, God Delivers Promises About Temptation DOWNLOAD
Feb 10, "God Delivers Promises about Prayer" from John 16:17-24.DOWNLOAD
Feb 3, "God Delivers Promises About Stress and Anxiety" from I Peter 5:17 DOWNLOAD
Jan 27, "God Delivers Promises - Peace" - taken from Romans 5:1-11;12:17-21 DOWNLOAD
Jan 13, Gods Promises - Happiness - taken from Psalm 1 DOWNLOAD
Jan 6, "...Because God Has Promised" taken from Joel 2:28-32 and Acts 2:14-24. DOWNLOAD

March 4 2007  Who do you say I am?   Mark 8:27
Feb 25 2007  Why are you so afraid?  Mark 4:35
Feb 18 2007   Who are my mother and my brothers?   Mark 3:35
Feb 11 2007   You do not want to leave too, do you?   John 6:53-71.
Feb 3 2007     Do you want to get well?  John 5:1-15
Jan 28 2007   What do you want?  John 1:29-39
Dec 31 2006   Song of Eternity      John 1:1-14
Dec 24 2006   Song of Angels         Luke 2:8-20
Dec 17 2006   Song of Mary            Luke 1:39-56
July 30 2006   Jesus Uncensored    Matt. 10:32-40
July 23 2006    WYSINWG                Matt 6:1-8
Mar 12 2006    Leadership 101       Luke 4:42-5:11
Mar 5   2006    Fight in the desert  Luke 4:1-13

These give a taste of me in action, though several other presentations (from other churches and conferences) can be found randomly on google or So randomly, actually, that I am amazed to be confronted by such a range of stuff.

Some Publications

Countdown to baptism Stephen Winward, ed. Michael Quicke Didcot; Baptist Union (1995)
Something to declare jointly written by: Paul Fiddes, Brian Haymes, Richard Kidd (editor) Michael Quicke. Oxford: Whitley publications, (1996)
On the way of trust (jointly written by: Paul Fiddes, Brian Haymes, Richard Kidd (editor) Michael Quicke. Oxford: Whitley publications, (1997)
360 degree Preaching - Seeing, Hearing and Living the Word. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, (2003). Also,  published in Chinese (2011).
360degree Leadership - Preaching to Transform Congregations. Grand Rapids : Baker, (2006). Also English-language, Middle East and Far East edition, published by Authentic Press, (2008). Korean publication (2009).
Preaching as Worship - An Integration Approach to Formation in Your Church.  Grand Rapids: Baker, (2011).


“Theological education in the Capital in Mission in the next Millenium , ed. Clive Doubleday ( London : London Baptist Association) (1999).
Doing Theology a Baptist Way (Oxford: Whitley) Paul S. Fiddes (editor), Brian Haymes, Richard L. Kidd & Michael Quicke (2000)
“Adventure with God,” Moving Words; Yorkminster Park Preaching Series - Volume 2. (2002).
Contributor to NIV Quest Study Bible, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2003
Preaching as a missionary activity A Preacher's Companion (BRF & College of Preachers. London), 2004.
History of Preaching - assessing today's preaching in light of history, in The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching: A Comprehensive Resource for Today’s Communicators, eds C. Brian Larson, H. Robinson, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2005).
The Scriptures in Preaching, in The Bible in Pastoral Practice: Readings in the Place and Function of Scripture in the Church, eds Paul Ballard, Stephen R. Holmes ( London : Darton, Longman and Todd, 2005).
Prophetic Preaching in the Missional Church, in Text and Mission , ed Michael Parsons. ( Carlisle : Paternoster, 2005).
Strength in Weakness: developing this paradox through preaching and leading in On Eagles’ Wings. An Exploration of Strength in the Midst of Weakness, eds. Michael Parsons and David J Cohen, (Eugene: Wipf and Stock, 2008).
"Going Up? Going Down?" A sermon in Preaching the Incarnation, eds. Peter K. Stephenson and Stephen I Wright (Louisville: Westminster John Knox), 2010.
The Preacher as Worshipper in In Praise of Worship: An Exploration of Text and Practice eds. Michael Parsons and David J Cohen (Pickwick), 2010.
Further Reflections on a Sacrmental Understanding of Preaching in Questions of Identity eds. Anthony R. Cross and Ruth Gouldbourne, (Oxford), 2011.
How is Church Leadrship Different in the Tewnty-first Century from the Twentieth Century?  (Baptist Faith and Witness, Book IV, 2011.

Triggers for Preaching, Part 1. Preaching Today Vol 36.1 Spring 1993.
Triggers for Preaching, Part 2. Preaching Today Vol 36.2 Summer 1993.
Preaching Outcomes. Evangel Vol 17.2 Summer 1999
Spurgeon's College, with Ian M. Randall American Baptist Quarterly 18:2 June 1999, 118-131.
Applying God’s word in a secular culture Preaching, Vol 17, 4. Jan/Feb 2002.
Technologizing of the Word - flight, fight or befriend? Preaching, Vol 18, 1. July August 2002)
The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead. American Baptist Evangelicals Journal, Vol 10, 3 & 4. Sept/Dec 2002.
Preaching with purpose (Spotlight on Northern, Winter 2003)
Let anyone with ear to hear, listen Preaching, Vol 19.3. Nov/Dec 2003.
The Preaching Swim Preaching, Vol.19.5 March/April 2004.
Preaching Jesus The Baptist Ministers’ journal, Vol 287 July 2004.
Good Preaching can Harm Your Church, Ministry Today, Edition 33, Spring 2005.
A Series on Preaching and Trinitarian Worship:
Part One: Beware Tuneless Preaching, Preaching, Vol 23:1 (July/Aug 2007).
Part Two: Thinking as Trinitarians, Preaching, Vol 23:2 (Sept/Oct 2007).
Part Three: Acting as Trinitarians, Preaching, Vol 23:3 (Nov/Dec 2007)
Part Four: Preaching and Trinitarian Worship, Preaching, Vol 23:4 (Jan/Feb 2008).
Connecting Preaching and Worship (1) A Surprising Journey.  Journal of the Evanagelical Homiletics Society Vol. 11. 1. March 2011.

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A fearful world and the claims of Christ. College of Preachers , Connection 4. November 2002.
The Preaching Swim Asbury Online Institute May 2004.
Leading your church from the pulpit Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox, September 2006.

How to Preach without Notes, C.W. Koller (Grand Rapids: Baker), September 2007.

Jesus Uncensored, Preaching Today Audio Issue 287 (November 2007). Complete sermon with CD.

Book Entries awaiting publication soon:
New Interpreters Handbook of Preaching: Trinity.
IVP New Dictionary of Theology – Theology of Preaching

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