Friday, November 23, 2007

An Alien gives thanks

As an alien Englishman who has lived in the US for over seven years, I still find the turkey extravaganza of Thanksgiving Day an extraordinary occasion. Families make superhuman efforts to be with each other – far more so than at Christmas. And, with great generosity they invite others. Would you believe it, four different sets of people called us in the previous week to invite us to share in their Thanksgiving meal?

Without the incentive (and turmoil) of exchanging presents, people come together gladly in order to give thanks. Thanks for the nation’s beginnings, thanks for continuing family life, thanks for friends, for great food, (with recipes handed down from generation to generation!) Thanks! Just thanks!

Of course, on the next day, so-called Black Friday, when retailers hope to go into the black, the stores are full from 5.00 am and consumer madness reignites in blazing mass-buying until Christmas.

But, like an oasis in the middle, Thanksgiving Day brings people together for the high purpose of thanksgiving. This year we enjoyed our US family, Rob, Lori and Elliot being with us, around the turkey. It’s been wonderful.

Thanks has always been the springboard to generous living, to appreciation of life and (best of all) to praise of God. Begin thanking and other good things keep happening. I call it the power of positive thanking. Even in a prison cell (Col. 3:17)! We need this oasis somewhere in the middle of each day!

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Scott Cheatham said...

Bro. Michael,

So good to see you blogging. I've enjoyed both of your books and promote them extensively to my preaching brethren here in Denver.

I did want to make you aware that for some reason, I cannot get your feed to subscribe in Google Reader. I don't know what the problem is but thought I'd let you know!

God Bless
Rev. Scott Cheatham