Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blogging God's Promises (7)

It's eyes down for my next sermon on God's promise of PEACE, (February 27th). It's going to be a little different, because it accompanies the launch of a peace-making ministry -"Solomon's Way" - at Calvary Memorial Church. A number of people have been trained as conflict coaches/mentors by Peacemaker Ministries (- see I love the idea of "peace activists" at work in the church. I also appreciate the ready application this provides the preacher! Many sermons beg the frustrated question - YBH? Yes, but how? Yes, the preacher has challenged, but how can we best respond?

After collaboration, I have chosen Romans 5:1-11; 12:17-21 as my text. It makes clear how peace and reconciliation are key words in God's vocabulary. First comes doctrine with the glorious promise that we are at peace with God.You cannot explain his work for us without these words - PEACE, RECONCILIATION. What a promise to seize by faith! Second, the verses in chapter 12 are intensely practical with their challenge to believers to be peace-makers.

You know how I like to summarize the "main impact" of the Scripture passage for the sermon (what the text says and does, the sermon should say and do!) See Blogging God's Promises (2)! For this next sermon, my "main impact" runs:
  • By God's grace what this sermon will say is that: Peace and Reconciliation are at the heart of God's work, delivered through Jesus Christ on the cross, so that we are at peace with him and with each other.
  • And what the sermon will do is ; challenge us to seize the peace promise and be peace activists in his power and for his sake.

As always I should value any help you can give me. Any stories where you have been in conflict resolution for the sake of the Prince of Peace? Please keep praying that God will use my preparation.

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