Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blogging God's Promises (15)

I am honored to be back preaching at Calvary Memorial, Oak Park, for the eight days that changed the world - Palm Sunday through Good Friday to Easter Day.

March 16 is Palm Sunday. Obviously this is a hosanna day, with Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. It seems so unlikely that this solitary figure can achieve much. He knows, (and we know), that he is going to his death. So we shall need to sound out this extraordinary story again ( Matt 21:1-11).

But I must focus on another one of God's great promises in Matthew 16:18, 19. "I will buld my church." As I immerse myself into this passage, I begin to see its impact for my sermon.

By God's grace my sermon will SAY: Jesus takes full responsibility for building his "called-out people"; nothing (not even Satan and Death) can destroy them, for they belong to God's eternal plan.
and my sermon will DO: Challenge us when we take on too much responsibility, and encourage us when we lose hope and perspective.

Actually I think it is going to be both tough and encouraging to write and deliver. Please pray for the outcome.

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