Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where are my postings?

In church this morning, I was chided (kindly) by a couple of readers that my blogs have diminished in frequency. Well, I was grateful to know someone had noticed (- really I was!) I guess the combination of preparing two lectures for Prague, while continuing to finish off term grading, has sabotaged my blogging. I need your patience.

Actually your responses to new wine/new wineskins and integrity have stimulated me in my writing project, and I shall give a bird's eye view of both papers as they take final shape shortly. And one fellow blogger (Scott Cheatham), whose longevity and skill on-line greatly impresses me, opened up the issue of preachers using others' video sermons as a matter of integrity. In fact, I need to comment on that right now!

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Anonymous said...

We did miss your blog entries, but, of course, understand there are times when you cannot blog. I wouldn't want to say a thing that might pull you down when you were "in the weeds".