Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Beyond Normal

Shortly (Aug. 31st) I begin another preaching series at Calvary Memorial, Oak Park. The church hopes to call a new pastor soon, and so I shall sandwich in four or five Sundays before he begins.

What should I preach? I have been thinking and praying....I could go anywhere! However, the beginnings with Abram (Gen 11-17) resonate with me. I know the Old Testament has a high yawn factor for some. But that's largely because people haven't read it attentively. Honestly, its earthy, raw, exhilarating stuff.

These few chapters hit me. Partly, of course, because they speak of new beginnings, which resonate as the church plans with a new pastor. Mind you, this begins the whole Judaeo-Christian story! And partly because they challenge basic human living. After faith heroics of Gen 12:1-10, there is moral failure of Gen. 12:11-18, followed by conflict, and surprises yet everything undergirded by God's promises.

Because I see Abram (as he's first called) opening up the way of faith beyond normal, I call the series: "Beyond Normal." My first text will be Gen. 11:27-12:9. Perhaps you can guess why I am beginning in Chapter 11? I shall let you know how preparation develops. As always, any insights will be gratefully received.


Michael Pugh said...

Yeah! Another Dr. Quicke series at Calvary! We're looking forward to it - although Genevieve and I will be out of town for your first installment.

Try not to cover anything too important then, okay? :)

Anonymous said...

We are another family who will be out of town for the first week!! Make sure you start the 2nd sermon with "Here's what you missed in last week's episode..."

-laura and john