Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Big 7 for Christian Leaders

I dare to say that no single issue reveals the maturity of Christian leadership more quickly than how a person copes with criticism. Fair criticism is hard to bear and requires humility and a willingness to respond. But unfair criticism is inevitable and require toughness of spirit to deflect. The combination; "Shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves" (Matthew 10:16) calls for tough minds combined with tender hearts.

We must not be naive about how hard it is to cope with criticism. In my book 360degree leadership I reflect on different coping mechanisms commonly used, and the need to work hard to better deal with conflict. But Christian leaders should also be marked out by the joy that is Christ's gift to his disciplies (John 15:11), and by accompanying generosity. Joyful generosity overwhelms unfair criticism (Rom. 12:20,21). Christian leaders don't give up loving when challenged.

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Anonymous said...

It seems to me that your ability to do what you suggest would only be possible if you are in the right place spiritually, prayed up and bathed in the Word as my dear mentor in Christ used to say. Without being in that place where you thoughts are Christ's thoughts, you will not have the joyful generosity of thought of which you speak to overwhelm the unfair criticism or even the ability to see the criticism through Christ's eyes and evaluate its' value. We have been given all spiritual gifts by Christ, and one of these is joy, but to reach these gifts, to utilize them, we must be in relationship with Christ, attached to him through prayer, and reading and meditating on his word. I guess I think as I see your Big 7 Chacteristics of Christian Leaders unfold, I am realizing how interdependent they are on one another laid on the foundation of a intimate relationship with Christ. He gives us what we need to overcome this world and any circumstance as we depend on him. He is our marvelous God.