Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Renaming Worship Terms (3)

I am really grateful for the comments to my last blog from practitioners who care about loose definitions. Another concern, of course, is how we should ensure that worship is not just seen as Sunday services. Kent Hughes in Worship by the Book (ed. Don Carson, Zondervan 2002, page 140) writes:
As to everyday living, the fact that Christian worship is to be coextensive with all of life suggests that care must be taken in the way we speak of it. To call our public meetings "worship" can unwittingly install a re-sacralization of time and space. It is better to employ terms like "corporate worship" or "gathered worship."

I wonder what difference it would make to emphasize that our services are "gathered worship" and as we leave we continue in "scattered worship"? Anyone out there have experience of making this distinction, or anything like it?

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Hello Professor,

I hope all is going well for you. My name is Gerson and I purchased your book about a month ago and I have really been enjoying it. I was wondering if you have any resources in Spanish to teach on your book. Do you have anything in English (some sort of manual) that you may help me find somewhere? I am hoping to use your book ( If that is ok with you) to teach on a Homiletics class here in Los Angeles, CA. If you may assist me with any helpful information I would appreciate it.

Thanks much and God bless you and your ministry,

Gerson (gers4xo@hotmail.com)