Thursday, May 28, 2009

Window onto Wonder

A friend of mine is into astronomy. Occasionally he breaks into my pedestrian reading/writing/teaching world with the most amazing pictures he took the previous night. A couple of days ago he sent me two images of Messier objects ,(I don't understand what that means!), numbered M51 and M3. One is a galaxy called the whirlpool galaxy and the other a globular cluster. They contrast remarkably with each other by shape, amazing colors and depth. They are extraordinary, viewed from his own telescope.

It's a great reminder when you have your nose down in work to remember how we belong within a wonderful creation to a glorious Creator. Just seeing those pictures throws open a window onto wonder. The cosmic scale blows your mind, and so does God's coming close to us in Jesus Christ.

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Michael Pugh said...

Absolutely inspiring, yes. The incomprehensible scale and magnitude of the universe (or what we can comprehend of it) is one of the finest testimonies to God's glory.

Thanks for the reminder, Dr. Quicke! (Next time post the pictures on your blog.)