Monday, June 29, 2009


My journalist son Simon says he enjoys deadlines because they let you know exactly what you are up against! Well, I have just completed two writing projects before deadline (and I didn't enjoy the pressure!) My article on "Preaching in the Baptist Tradition" has gone to The Preacher - a journal of The College of Preachers in the UK. At the end of my article I asked readers to post comments on my when the article is eventually published maybe there will be some fresh views. Perhaps not.

My major 7000 word project "Exploring the Architecture of Community Formation" has also been sent off to the Evangelical Homiletics Society for their Annual Fall Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas. It will go online early August. I originally intended blogging much more about this as I was writing, but time raced by. Again, I am hoping that once it is online there will be healthy feedback.

And now, I face prosaic deadlines of preparing for travel commitments ahead. I know what my son means about know exactly what you are up against. But there's plenty of pressure. Many of you will know exactly what I mean.

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dss said...

I know exactly what both you and Simon are saying, knowing what you are up against, but I hate deadlines. I prefer to have a general timeframe and go when I have done my best. If there is adequate time to prepare in advance and a perfect world without interruptions, deadlines would be fine. Unfortunately at my job and at my house, it is never like that. My husband and employer would both agree I think. So deadlines do push me to work faster to accomplish the task, perfection not withstanding.