Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whatever Moments (3)

I have often thought that how someone treats a predecessor is a good measure of character. When a successor finds it difficult to be generous in heart and spirit to the person who preceded them in the job or position they now hold, doesn't it reveal much truth about personality traits? Whenever you follow someone in a job, its often easy to diminish all their hard work and gifting, or to enlarge their mistakes, by subtle unfriendly ways.

My third whatever moment - whatever is noble - hit me in the extraordinarily gracious way that Nigel Wright, my successor at Spurgeon's, has again given us welcome and hospitality over these last days. Staying in our 'old' home with full access to everything, has reinforced wonder at the thoughtfulness and acceptance of their predecessors by Nigel, and very importantly his wife Judy. I am humbled by their radiant friendship. It says volumes about them!

Whatever is noble.....think about such things (Phil. 4:8).

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Dr. Quicke we are missing your blog.