Monday, August 3, 2009

Whatever Moments (6)

Most days since we have been in the UK it has rained (and been cool)! Someone commented how difficult it must be to keep on being positive, and I must honestly declare that the wet weather has really upset plans, especially with the grandchildren. Is a positive spin possible...apart from marveling how green and pleasant England continues to be?

Carol and I were sitting in a store cafe having a coffee break. Sitting next to us was a couple of ladies well into their seventies (at least). They had struggled round the store and were having a break before venturing out. Outside, menacing clouds were brewing. Suddenly they sent down another fierce burst of rain, smashing against the cafe windows. One lady turned to her neighbor and said: "Oh, look it's raining." The other replied, matter-of-factly, "That makes such a change." At this, the first lady started chuckling irrepressibly, soon joined by her was contagious. I found myself wanting to join in. For a couple of minutes they just heaved with barely suppressed laughter.

And I was given my whatever positive moment! The glorious gift of humor. How vital humor is for making positives. Thank you God for humor (and English friends...please have a sense of humour over American spelling!)

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dss said...

Thanks for sharing the humor (humour); it is definitely better to laugh about it than to complain about it. You gave me a good chuckle thinking about the two older ladies laughing and you and Carol wanting to join in the laughter, but not wanting to eavesdrop.