Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nervousness about Preaching

Over these next few weeks all my students in preaching classes (21 of them) have to preach in chapel and be filmed. For some it is their first preaching experience, ever! You can imagine how several have expressed their nervousness about the whole event.

However, all this talk about nervousness has particular edge for me. On December 3rd. I will preach at the opening service of the Academy of Homiletics in Washington D.C. This is a gathering of many of the big names in the preaching field - authors whose books are standard in our class rooms, and who have exercised huge influence over decades. Without a doubt, they form the most intimidatingly knowledgable and gifted congregation I have ever faced! In the homiletics world these are household names.

One of the Academy members, David Schlafer, wrote to me: "Of course you tremble at the thought of preaching at the Academy (who wouldn't!). The comforting thing, of course, is that the One before whom trembling is truly appropriate says "Fear not!" That's right! All preachers should always feel some nervousness, no matter how experienced they are. We should never be self-confident that we will get it right for almighty God! What daring opportunities to be ambassadors for Christ. And He promises to be with us.

Shortly I hope to post a summary of my sermon work so far!

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dss said...

We'll love to hear about it all when you arrive home from D.C. Our prayer go with you!