Thursday, March 11, 2010

Uncle Google

Today, I heard from the past. Stuart, a doctor in Austrialia, was planning his testimony to give to a group of Christian medical professionals. As he created power point-slides of the most important steps in his Christian life he thought back to his student days, and to the Sunday sermons he heard between 1985-1991 ! Yes, you guessed. He attended St. Andrew's Street Baptist Church, Cambridge, where I was minister!

So, then I wondered what my pastor from way back then was up to these days and good old Uncle Google provided the answer! So it seems an opportune moment to thank you Michael for all you did for me (and a generation of other students) way back then - seeds sown and all that.

I am sure you can sense what encouragement this brought. It's not too often I hear about seeds sown - especially among students!

Last Sunday, I encouraged worshippers to find practical ways to pass on something positive to others. Having received this message, I wonder how Uncle Google can help me pass on something positive to someone else - maybe years later?

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Anonymous said...

What an unexpected pleasure and encouragement to you both. It's lovely to get back in touch for former friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Enjoy your "conversations".