Saturday, November 6, 2010

Caught Out!

I strongly believe in the value of sequential preaching and urge preachers and churches to plan series in order to nurture fellowship and mission. It can be especially helpful when a church is in an interim period without a pastor. Providing consistency of theme really benefits the church. So I have to be pleased when the Baptist church where I am staying in Wallingford has carefully worked out a preaching plan.

BUT, I find myself down to preach in a series on preaching the prophets. And my first sermon (for next Sunday) is on Amos. I have to choose the text and try to summarize the man, his times and his message in one go. Amos! The toughest prophet in Scripture, who specializes in bad news! Help! I am not sure I want to preach bad news next week.

How much easier it would have been to have freedom to pull out one of my recent sermons and preach good news! But I have to believe the series has been planned prayerfully and thoughtfully so I have to discipline myself to prepare a new sermon this coming week. Maybe I will share some more?

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