Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Truth Spaces (1)

After some hectic days making reconnections back in the US, I have time to begin a series of posts that will unpack some of my sabbatical work on my new book called: TRUTH SPACES. Intended to be a more popular book that will encourage seekers and believers alike to look at the gospel stories with fresh eyes, I hope a wide range of readers can become involved. Please share insights and let me know what is helpful or not. (Of course, I shall not be reproducing my whole manuscript but key elements within it!)

Looking back over my life, I marvel at the importance (not always recognized at the time) of those few occasions when someone I respected and trusted opened up a space in front of me by asking me a leading question. By inviting me to answer they encouraged me to move into a space, so to speak, into relationship with them, in order to learn something important about myself. Whenever such a truth space is opened up in front of you by a real question, and you step into it, your world can change. You can be led into deeper places of understanding about who are you are and what you are doing because someone wiser has invited you to join them.

Can you think of occasions when someone you respect and trust asked you a question that made a real difference to your life? That opened up a truth space? Please let me know.

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