Friday, February 4, 2011

Truth Spaces (10) A Pause

Hopefully these last posts have shown something of why Jesus' questions matter. Of course questions in general are an important way of communicating because they offer such dynamic direct ways of dealing with people. They are so different from teaching or story-telling, though questions occur in both. I marvel that Jesus asked 292 questions and that he so frequently used this form of speech - often at very important moment in the gospels. He is a questioning Lord. And what makes his questions in the gospels a matter of eternal significance is that he continues to ask them by his Spirit, and he asks them personally out of knowledge about us.

I have selected eight of these questions and over these next months shall continue working on them. However, I think that my blog's format, with its relatively short postings, is not the appropriate place to try and publish any more of my work in detail. If any friends out there would like to follow my progress in more detail please let me know on and I shall try to keep you in touch.

Meanwhile, I hope that whenever you are reading the gospels you will be looking out especially for Jesus' questions with willingness to respond! Thanks for reading.

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Allan Demond said...

Thanks Michael! I have enjoyed this series of posts. It is good to hear how your thoughts on the topic are developing since our time together in Sydney. 292 questions - that's an interesting fact! I look forward to the book.