Friday, March 11, 2011

A Painful Silence

Yes, I know it is a long time since I last posted! However, my silence is largely to do with the painful task of saying sorry to so many people I have missed, and catching up with some work that I have only just become aware of. Oh, the pain! Top of the list were two journal articles for the Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society that I was blissfully unaware were overdue! They are now with the editor. But much else is irreparably lost.

Of course, some messages really don't matter. I have been able to delete spam en masse and other inconsequential messages. But in the midst of the debris some issues have really mattered. So again, if you were caught out and still haven't heard from me, apologies and let me know on:!

However, there have been some good things. Top of the good things list was contact from my Chinese editor about the translation of my book: 360Degree Preaching. Apparently, it is nearly ready for publication. She told me how important she believes preaching to be as the vast country of China opens up more to Christianity. Her email just shimmered with excitement and thrilled me to the core as she asked me to join in prayer for the project. I'll let you know when something happens next. Anyway, thanks for your forbearance.

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