Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vacation Reading

I have just finished all my grading for this past academic year and submitted student grades for my classes to the Registrar ! A Hallelujah moment! I am glad to report some truly gifted preachers among this latest generation of students whose teachability and openness has made teaching a joy.

Now, unusually, I am preparing for two weeks' vacation. Unusually, because we are actually staying at a US holiday home with no bashing around to connect with friends and family, nor preaching commitments to fulfil. Instead, a community swimming pool and beach are not too far away. It is reported that, in general, North Americans spend too little time on annual vacation. Apparently, in a recent survey 28% took no vacation time in 2010 and 65% took off less than two weeks. I am sure this damages health and relationships, though the economic situation probably explains some of this. However, with gratitude, we are going to make the most of our time.

So, in this unusual opportunity I am planning my vacation reading. I think it will be a good idea to take some light stuff for near the pool. But I am also planning to read A History of Preaching by O.C. Edwards. Admittedly its 879 pages and accompanying CD take up luggage space (!) and it may seem an unlikely vacation companion alongside the paper backs, but I have longed to find time to engage reflectively with this massive and important book. Instead of dipping in and out (as in the past) I hope to gain a big picture. It took him 18 years to write so it deserves some hours!

Carol wonders whether I will get very far through 879 pages amid vacation distractions - we'll see! I shall keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

Your comment moved me to think about the role of "holidays" and the impact it could have on our preaching. If pastors would give themselves the gift of "holiday", might the change in our weekly pace be beneficial and helpful; both to ourselves and our people? Might some worthwhile time away help us return to our pulpits invigorated and filled with joy? Might our people enjoy the opportunity to hear other voices, perspectives and tones? And might it also be that our own insecurities keep us from taking the risk of saying, "it's off to the beach" a little more often?????? Enjoy the time away Michael. Give Carol the charge card, send her shopping, pour yourself an ale and enjoy!!!