Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scurrying Through

After my 'Book Launch Workshop' in Georgetown, Kentucky, followed by preaching at the first chapel of a new academic year at Georgetown college, I am catching breath. We met some great new friends in a new context. Wonderful. And I need to share some of the happenings, especially about a festival of young preachers I also attended. But for now we are scurrying through. I know Americans are used to driving 7 hours before breakfast and another 3 hours before lunch (!) but we poor Brits are struggling to maintain high energy as we pause before continuing our roadtrip north to honor Ken Giacoletto, who is retiring as President/CEO of Green Lake Conference Center, Wisconsin at a banquet tonight.

I gladly report that it has been an exhilarating and encouraging time so far. As foreseen, my new book on Preaching as Worship is raising eyebrows! I can see pastors pondering: Is worship really such an important part of a preacher's responsibility? How can I possible take on board some fresh ideas in the midst of busy ministry? Oh, how I hope they will!

On Sunday I preach my final sermon at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church, swiftly followed by new preaching classes beginning Monday and Tuesday. I told the Georgetown workshop about my sermon blogging exercise, but I realize (if they look up this blog!) it has been particularly sketchy this week. However, I know from worship planning details that are filtering through that several of you are tracking with me for Sunday. As always, I am grateful for your prayers and preparation.

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