Saturday, October 15, 2011

Preaching Conference (2)

I posted yesterday about a couple of replies Dr. Old gave to questions. I was also struck by his answer to the question: "What can we conclude from your seven volumes as we look at our future preaching?"

He paused thoughtfully and then replied emphatically: "The continuity of the gospel. In all my writing I have been encouraged by the stories of one preacher after another who have demonstrated in the providence of God a continuity to telling out the gospel in every age." We belong to an extraordinary succession of preachers of every kind in the past and present (he especially highlighted current preaching in Africa, China and Korea) who testify to God's grace in carrying forward the same gospel message.

That's a profoundly encouraging lesson from history. In spite of up and downs, moral failure and impatience, the gospel continues to be sounded out by God's grace. As you can tell, I am encouraged - I hope you are too!

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