Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Finalist!

I learned today from the blog: that my book Preaching as Worship has been selected as a finalist in Preaching Today's shortlist of preaching books in 2011. You can imagine how elated I am (high fives all round!) It means somebody has read it and deems it of some value!

It has also been agreed by my seminary that I should speak about the book at a meeting on Friday February 10th at 7:00pm to be held at Northern Seminary for ANYONE INTERESTED. Yes, anyone! The faculty will be present and, hopefully, some students. But I am hoping others (especially my friends) may well be able to attend so that the event acts as a kind of belated "launch" and, even, celebration. I am encouraged by this flurry of activity.

At present I am submerged in the final grading of term papers - the next few days should see all the students' work completed and two very good classes happily concluded. It has been an excellent term with great class bonding (so vital when preaching to each other!) One of the delights has been hearing of those students who intended only taking the Fall quarter with me, but who have now decided to enrol for the Winter Quarter. One of them said: "I didn't want to travel the long distance to and from my out-of-state home late on Monday nights during the Chicago Winter. But I just cannot miss out on this next class!" That's what makes teaching such a privilege.


Pastor Adron Robinson said...

Congratulations Dr. Quicke on the nomination and another great book,you are a blessing to the Kingdom!

Anonymous said...

I have my copy and am looking forward to reading it over the break. :)

~Adina Butler~

David Fitch said...

Congrats!! a well deserved honor!!

the Quickes! said...

Congratulations! So well deserved!!