Sunday, February 12, 2012

You have a life!

At last I rouse myself to post a comment. I really value Carol hi-jacking this blog so effectively these last few days. Her posts prompted more responses than I have ever received over the past 4 years! As one of you said: 'She writes from the heart' and you can sense how heartfelt our thanks have been.

When the surgeon said: 'You have a life!' it struck with great force. I guess he may have used that line many times before. Even though medical science has made great strides in dealing with cancer, the knowledge that you have to live with the big C inevitably clouds the future. When he declared that I may be finished with cancer (with May 3rd the definitive date for hearing!) the sun came out.

As a Christian I love to think about Christ's gift of eternal life - a life with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit - that has already begun. Life, life abundant, is how Jesus Christ invites us to live now by his resurrection power and not even death will break us from his love. Oh yeah! But when the shadow of serious illness suddenly threatens you are thrown into dark places. Fear is an all too natural response and questions inevitably flood in. All future plans are thrown in confusion.

The certainties that Carol and I can testify to through this journey:
- the power of prayer. For the pathologist to find lower cancer levels than the biopsy showed is a miracle.
- the wonder of Christian fellowship. The way tens and tens of people connected with us in so many different ways, offering prayer and practical support was overwhelming in the best way possible.
- the marvel of healing. After painful days I am really improving. Indeed, I am planning to go into seminary and teach on Monday and Tuesday this week. Carol will be there to keep watch (as always!)

With thanks to God for healing through doctors and His Spirit I look ahead. Bless you for sharing along the way.


Jim Whitmer said...

"You have a life!" are beautiful words - and we are so thankful they were given to you! We have an awesome God. We love you and Carol.

Jim and Mary

Sue Barker said...

Bob often asks if there is any news of Michael - he will be delighted to hear that you are back!
Please be very careful over returning to work, but then I'm sure that Carol will keep an eye on you!
Sending our love over the ocean and we join you in praising God.
Every blessing

Vanu Kantayya said...

Praise be to God for his unspeakable gift! Welcome back, Dr. Quicke! Do take it easy though. Thanking God with you for the good news and looking forward to the all clear!
Blessings to Carol and you.

Caleb & Janine said...

Wonderful words! Many blessings.

Dave Steel said...

Great news! So glad and thankful to our God for his mercy in your life, Michael!

Dave Steel

Curryanne said...

Of course you always had a life. Now there is new meaning to life and abundant living. Strange how it is that we don't comprehend with all our senses abundant living until it hoovers like a cloud moving away from us. I am happy to hear that you are doing better. Take time to appreciate and heal.