Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wonderful news!

It's Carol here!  Our Seminary President says that I write better blogs than Michael so that I should let the world know the results of today's long-awaited hospital visit!  So, good morning friends in Australia, good evening Britain, good afternoon America.  We are just back from the hospital and we come back full of praise and thanks that the doctor gave us news that tests show that the level of cancer is now undetectable.

Michael will be seen again in 6 months with another PSA test and this will go on for five years at the end of which, if the news stays good, he will declared cured of cancer.  The specialist warned that we shouldn't presume on the outcome but we are full of faith and optimism as we look to the future.

We thank God and we thank you for all your prayers on Michael's and my behalf. To say the two of us looked haggard this morning is an understatement.  We probably look a few years younger this afternoon. So, thank you for all your love and support through this journey. We cannot put into words what it has meant to us knowing that you have been praying for us and supporting us these past months. We so appreciate you all.


Anonymous said...

God is wonderful and wonderfully to be praised.

In His Love
Michele Beck

David Fitch said...

woo hoo!! so happy for the news.. blessings to you!

Sue Barker said...

Brilliant news! Thank you Carol for the blog.
Love and hugs to you both
ps. I'm writing this from Spurgeon's College!

Alistair said...

Michael & Carol - Genuinely thrilled for you (and for the Seminary!), and full of thanks for great medical work and a wonderful God. Go celebrate!

Curryanne said...

It is great to hear. Many more years for you and Michael. The Almighty is far more wonderful and gracious than we are able to put are brains around. Thank Heavens our hearts and spirit rejoice for us

Vanu said...

Praise God! Rejoicing with you!