Friday, August 24, 2012

Much huffing!

These last two weeks my postings have been absent. (You didn't notice?!)  Anyone witnessing my movements at the seminary would understand.  After major traumas (!) of moving house earlier this summer,  I have just moved my seminary office from one end of the academic office corridor to another.  There has been much huffing.  In my new role as less than full-time faculty my office space has been expectedly cut by half which has meant more decisions about what books and files are priorities, and what must go into storage.

I am immensely grateful for my new room which is pleasantly decorated with a new desk. It's always a privilege to have a study space.  But I told myself that I would take advantage of this move by winnowing down my library to essentials.  That I would put into large-scale practice my prioritizing of books by A,B,C and D (as mentioned in a recent post).  What a hope!  Instead it has been a mad scramble with massive deferral of such decisions, as unfiletered files and papers have piled in boxes haphazardly.

And now, with a false sense of having completed this task to mild satisfacton, I leave in a couple of days for two weeks' visit to the UK to see family and friends.  So, it is highly likely that my postings will remain absent as I connect with my latest grandchild and reconnect with so many others.  I am not sure when I shall next write something worthwhile (actually I am never sure quite what is worthwhile anyway).  When I return on September 13th. I am straightway into preaching at an ordination, teaching an intensive Doctor of Ministry (Sept 17-21) course and then term begins  Sept.24th.  I keep telling myself this is an exceptional summer - I hope yours has been for less hectic reasons!


Unknown said...

See you when you get back. Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to reading your posts. Maybe when you get back they will have moved you into a corner office surrounded by windows.
God Bless,
Bob Thomson

Anonymous said...

Might you be in or near C'bridge any time? might be able to nip over (on bus, using my OAP pass) to just have a coffe and a chat! I expect you will be time-tabled for every minute so this is a long shot. Brian Astell

Anonymous said...

Dr. Quicke, What does your "less than full time" position mean? Partial retirement and a long term holiday? Certainly, we trust that this doesn't mean you are now confined to an administrative post that removes one from out of the classroom, does it? We pray not. And certainly, we trust that this is not a health related matter?